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At DQ Custom Reports, we recognize that every business or individual we serve has a unique set of data needs. That’s why we’ve been providing custom data reports for years.  Whether it's a simple home price trend for a single area, or a full set of property data fields for defined areas across the U.S. we are here to work with you in designing and delivering exactly what YOU require.

  • Need something tomorrow? We're here.

  • Need us to help you talk through what would be most helpful? We've had years of experience doing just that.

  • Know exactly what you need and how you want it to look? No problem.  We'd be happy to use your templates.

Whether you're a consultant looking for data for your client's study, or an investor looking to pinpoint where and what to buy, or a government entity needing specific data points, or a university with a research project, or a developer or lender or realtor or appraiser or a non-profit, a custom report may be the answer to your data need.

DQ Custom Reports has helped hundreds of organizations obtain the information they need with our custom report services. Learn how you can benefit from a DQ custom report by contacting us or call 1.909.338.2115.

Reports are typically delivered via email as Excel spreadsheets. Other available formats include pdf, comma or tab-delimited file, Access database, Word document. Pre-payment is required with your initial order. Turnaround times vary from same day to 5+ business days.  Monthly, quarterly or annual report updates can be scheduled at reduced rates.

The minimum charge for a DQ Custom Report is $250.  The final cost will depend on the complexity of the report.  Here's a sample minimum charge report.

For those needing to look at a single time period, we have the option of purchasing a copy of one of our archived charts.  Charts for the current time period are posted on our site and can be copied and pasted to your local computer at no charge.  Links are found in the left column of our site pages. 

Fee schedule for back copies of charts posted on DQNews.com

(not a custom report):

Copy of Archived Monthly Zip/City Chart    $50

Copy of Archived Quarterly Zip Chart    $75
Copy of Archived Annual Zip/City Chart      $100

Order here: Archived Zip/City Chart Request Form

Custom Report Request:

Use this form to begin the process of defining a custom report or just call us.
We will respond to custom report requests with a price quote or clarifying questions. 

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If you would like all zip codes or cities within a state/MSA/county, please type that into the box on the right. We also have data by census tract, census block group, Thomas Brother grids, tax rate areas, APN groups, or user-defined submarkets.  
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